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Mat Tudung Begins

Mat Tudung Begins


"Mat Tudung Begins on " Mat Tudung Begins tells the story of a boy named Johari who works in a hotel. The Hotel where he works will receive the arrival of the Forbest jury which is an evaluation organization that will evaluate whether the hotel deserves an extra star or not. Unfortunately, the hotel was told that the jury would come secretly and make an assessment for one week. This decision really upset Abang Gee as a Manager of the hotel. Then Johari along with his colleague, Sabri began to suspect that a family that came to stay at the hotel was the jury of The Forbest. This is because the character and gestures of Dato Wahab and Datin Mun’s family daughter, Neesa, are very suspicious and they don’t look like a real family. Meanwhile, Johari also tried to approach Neesa but failed. Finally, Johari had to use the method of disguising himself as a veiled woman named Johana just to get close and approach Neesa.

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