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Chatting App Sister Taste

Chatting App Sister Taste


"Chatting App Sister Taste on " Ye-sung and Seok-hun are senior juniors who have nothing to do. One day, Ye-seong, who found an app that relieves women's discomfort, met Seo Hye-ji through a chat app and had a chance to see her. I ask you… Yeseong tells Seokhoon about the chat app as well as signing up for Seokhoon's housework. .Seokhundo app will meet with women to have fun sex. After that, Seokhoon meets women through the chat app while working hard. As more and more Seokhoon than Yeseong is becoming more popular with women in the chat app, women are looking for Seokhun rather than Yeseong, and Yeseong is surprised by the popularity of Seokhun and is driven out of the house.

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